Creations of a maker



Welded Welding Cart

Media Lab Shop Monitor

I made this cart during low-traffic hours of my shift as MIT Media Lab ACT Shop Monitor.  

We acquired a few smaller welders and wanted to put them on a mobile cart to potentially support larger projects that might need more flexibility in welding.  

The cart holds a TIG Welder, a MIG welder, a plasma cutter, nitrogen and argon tanks, along with plenty of space to wrap all the necessary clamps and cables.  It was designed and made during the low-traffic parts of three five-hour shifts.  


$0 Secret Santa Sledgehammer


One December night I realized I forgot to make a gift for my friend group's secret santa the next day.  The next morning at 8am I woke up and went to the MIT Media Lab ACT Shop, a mixed media and welding shop where I work, and decided to make a sledgehammer.  I finished 5 hrs later.  

  • Welded tube construction weighing 13.5 lbs and measuring 4.5ft long.  

  • Solid steel billet head, cut using manual plasma cutter
  • Brushed finish achieved with belt sander and copious amounts of scotch-brite
  • Sandblast-etched face text using a vinyl mask
  • Lots of easily-broken 2x4 scraps because that's fun I guess
  • One very sore right arm from scotch-briting and angle-grinding (I really need to get more ambidextrous)



Robot Arm

2.12 Introduction to Robotics

I was a member of a 10 person class project team tasked with delivering a serial elastic actuated robot to safely help hemiplegic patients with everyday tasks.  I was responsible with the design of the serial elastic actuator, a high powered motor connected serially to a custom torsional spring and instrumented by two high-resolution encoders.