Creations of a maker



KPOP IN PUBLIC] TWICE - YES OR YES Dance Cover Directed by: Kunyi Li '19 & Cindy Luo '21 Filmed & Edited by: Ryan Gulland ‘18.

Lately, I have started filming and editing dance cover videos for the MIT Asian Dance Team. It’s challenging interacting with the choreography in a natural way that adds value to the video and grading the footage to match the vibe of the video. I’m very much still improving, and want to add more lighting detail and more complicated cuts to future videos.

Here’s two more videos I worked on. ‘Get Cool’ in public has over 55k views, the most on the Dance Team’s Youtube channel, due to the popularity of the song, fun colors, good dancing, and timely release.

KPOP IN PUBLIC] STRAY KIDS - GET COOL Dance Cover Directed by: Laura Pang '19 Filmed by: Ryan Gulland ‘18 Edited by: Charleen Wang

KPOP IN PUBLIC] IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - La Vie en Rose (라비앙로즈) Dance Cover Directed by: Kunyi Li '19 Filmed & Edited by: Ryan Gulland '18

My largest project to date was a quadcopter video intro shown at the product design class I TA’d final presentations live in front of 2000 people. The content is designed for a 40’ by 10’ projected screen, hence the 4:1 aspect ratio and oversaturated colors. I collaborated with two video editors in the final stages of production who had prior experience with the particular event to tailor the experience better. I shot around half the clips used in the final cut using our lab’s Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 Obsidian, and have around 10 hours and 30km miles of flight experience with DJI drones.

Additionally, I did a majority of the technical filming for my product design capstone TAship, including all the 4k or slow motion gimbal footage, and a majority of the drone footage. That work can be seen on the 2.009 youtube channel.