Creations of a maker
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Product Development

2.009: Product Design Capstone

Our team of 18 seniors was tasked with creating a new product ready for an alpha launch by the end of the semester.  

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After half a semester of ideation, modeling, prototyping, and deliberation, we decided to work on a search and rescue project we called Coordinate.

Coordinate has a different device for each of the 3 types of people in a search. 






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The lead and command modules could see the real time location of all searchers and leads, allowing them to better coordinate the search.  

Our alpha prototype allowed a high level of functionality

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Including accurate GPS, automatic mesh communication and acceptable battery life. 

Our market was small, but the need is very strong, allowing Coordinate to be profitable.

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I did ~90% of the electronics design, assembly, and testing for our project.  

Here's what I worked on:

I had never worked on electronics before and learned soooo much designing and fabricating the most complicated 2.009 electronics in years.

It took over 50 hours a week for most of my semester but every second was worth it.  


Watch our final presentation here:

Here's some random pictures of our team working on projects and design challenges